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Version 6.2 for Windows ™ (95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP)
Release 25 October 2003

WebCam-Control-Center Manual
Part 5: Included Files, Shareware Info, & Java Applet


Included Files

wccc.exe: the WebCam-Control-Center Program
readme.txt: information about the installation
order.txt: information about registration
camview.htm: sample HTML page for displaying the webcam picture on a website
javaview.class: JAVA applet for displaying the webcam picture on a website
file_id.diz: short program description ( used on FTP servers)
pad_file.xml: Portable Application Description ( used for shareware)
pad_file.htm: Portable Application Description in HTML format
alarm1.wav: sound file to use when motion is detected


Shareware Info

In the Shareware version some of the functions are disabled. The maximum AVI length is 5 seconds. Only one IP-Cam is possible. If you have the Shareware version and you like the software, please register to get your license to use the Webcam-Control-Center. See the ORDER.TXT file for information about ordering or go directly to the online order webpage. You will receive the full version by email.

And remember, all registered users get all further updates for free!!


Java Applet (for displaying your webcam picture on your website)

The JAVA applet JAVAVIEW.CLASS is included. Here is an HTML example that uses this applet:

<APPLET code="javaview.class" width=176 height=144>
<PARAM name="PAGE" value="">
<PARAM name="TIME" value="5">

Specify the width and height of your uploaded picture in the first line. The value of the PAGE parameter is the URL address of your picture. The picture and the applet must exist in the same folder on your web host's server. The value of the TIME parameter determines the reload interval in seconds. In the example, the latest version of video.jpg will be shown every 5 seconds. You can also use the CAMVIEW.HTM sample page for your webcam picture.

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