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Version 6.2 for Windows ™ (95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP)
Release 25 October 2003

WebCam-Control-Center Manual
Part 4: Development History


WebCam-Control-Center V6.2
New in version 6.2

  • after a detection of motion the program waits x sec. before the testing resumes
  • as an action at detection, the video window comes in front
  • the program datas are saved in .dat files instead of .ini files
  • the email client supports authentication

WebCam-Control-Center V6.1
New in version 6.1

  • you can select a directory and a wildcard for the files, which should be uploaded by FTP or attached to the email
  • internal improvements

WebCam-Control-Center V6.0
New in version 6.0

  • add a number to the AVI filename, which is recorded from the main window by button press
  • the motion detection test interval is adjustable in 0.1 sec. steps
  • you can select how many motions must be detected to report a motion; by example after 3 detections you are sure to have a motion
  • there is a time period adjustable in which the motion detector is active
  • the % of area change which results in a detection is adjustable in 0.1% steps
  • AVIs and pictures which are generated before email sending or FTP upload have selectable filenames.
  • the picture settings dialog is integrated into the settings dialog
  • complete new motion detector dialog
  • internal improvements

WebCam-Control-Center V5.6
New in version 5.6

  • record videos (AVI) for IP-Cams ( with textout into the AVI if selected )
  • you can select all files ( filenames ) for files to be uploaded, not only the ones which already exists on your harddisk
  • you can hide or show the program icon in the systray
  • add a number to the picture filename, which is generated from the main window by button press

WebCam-Control-Center V5.5
New in version 5.5

  • support of IP-Cams ( IP addressable network cameras ).!!
  • if wanted, hide the dummy window if no camera is connected to the PC
  • now there are 2 timeperiods to select in which the file transfer is active
  • saving of the AVI- and picture- number, which is added to the picturename in motion detection mode
  • upload the taken picture under a different name and rename after uploading to the FTP sever, with that no incomplete picture is shown on your website

WebCam-Control-Center V5.3
New in version 5.3

  • deleting the transferred files in FTP/Email mode if wanted
  • new improved FTP/Email dialog
  • new settings dialog with options for the startup process, changing the used video device driver while running ( to change the working video device ), AVI settings
  • a lot of internal improvements

WebCam-Control-Center V5.2
New in version 5.2

  • the position of the main window is saved and restored at program start
  • for the FTP settings you can select if a passive connection ( passive mode ) should be used or not; some firewalls needs this selection
  • the selections FTP upload and/or email sending at motion detection are now available in the ADJUST MOTION DETECTION dialog, where they should be already

WebCam-Control-Center V5.1
New in version 5.1

  • you can adjust the preview window resolution ( width x height ) to your desired values
  • you can specify a time delay so you will have time to leave the room, etc. before motion detection begins
  • the preview window is restored to its last location after using 'fullscreen' or 'only preview' display modes
  • if the FTP connection interrupts within Permanent-Picture-Mode, the program tries to reconnect to the FTP server
  • some internal improvements

WebCam-Control-Center V5.0
New in version 5.0

  • NEW support for sending Email.
  • send Email when motion is detected or at user specified time intervals
  • take a pic and/or record an AVI, attach the file to an Email, and send the Email
  • determine the time period during which file transfer (FTP/Email/Permanent Pic. Mode) is active ( example: always or only from 8:30 until 10:30 h )
  • hide the file transfer status window if you wish
  • double click in the preview window to hide or show the main window; you can also use the ESC key to hide the main window
  • the WCCC manual in HTML Format

WebCam-Control-Center V4.1
New in version 4.1

  • you can specify the maximum number of new pics or a new AVIs to create upon motion detection ( example: MOVE_001.BMP to MOVE_030.BMP; if 30 is reached the number starts again at 001. )
  • in the motion detector you have the new selection 'check against last no detection pic' so that you don't get always two detections one after the other, which is what would happen if you had selected 'check against previous picture'.
  • there was only one mask.bin file, but now there is a separate one for each resolution, so it is no longer necessary to select a mask each time you change the resolution

WebCam-Control-Center V4.0
New in version 4.0

  • it's no longer necessary to select RGB picture mode, but RGB picture mode is still needed so that picture taking is possible in the background when another program or a screensaver is active. You can select RGB-24bit for best quality and best performance.!
  • if you have several video devices, you can select one of your devices at startup with a program parameter (start: ' wccc.exe 0' to select the first video device. )
  • to start the program with an active motion detector, you have to quit the program before with motion detector running
  • to start the program with an active permanent picture mode, you have to quit the program before with permanent picture mode running

WebCam-Control-Center V3.5
New in version 3.5

  • the setting for 'window on top' is saved
  • the position of the preview window is saved
  • the main window state ( whether the program is displayed in a window or an icon ) is saved when the program ends (click on the taskbar icon to quit the program when it is iconized )
  • the text output in the preview window can have a background color as well as be transparent
  • there was a 1 second pause after motion detection, and after AVI recording and picture taking when in 'often as possible' mode. The pause has been removed.
  • the preview window caption can be removed by double left clicking in the preview window
  • the main window appears when you double right click in the preview window

WebCam-Control-Center V3.4.1
New in version 3.4.1

  • makes picture taking possible if the program is in the background

WebCam-Control-Center V3.4
New in version 3.4

  • the NEW permanent picture mode creates and/or uploads pictures permanently, in intervals, with or without breaks, to support a total observance
  • JAVA applet to view your webcam picture on your homepage
  • supports the saving of pics/AVIs in different directories than the startup directory
  • improvement of the motion detector
  • both picture taking and AVI recording is now possible when motion is detected
  • new manual in Windows Help Format

WebCam-Control-Center V3.3
New in version 3.3

  • show the recording time in the window caption while AVI recording
  • convert BMP pictures (16/24/32) to RGB24-Bit
  • convert BMP pictures to GIF and/or JPG ( JPG with compression factor )
  • you can automatically remove the BMP picture after conversion to GIF/JPG to save disk space
  • date and/or time and/or user text can appear in the picture

WebCam-Control-Center V3.2
New in version 3.2

  • show the preview window fullscreen
  • tests for the existence of RASAPI32.DLL (the dialer) at startup to enable or disable the dialup functions

WebCam-Control-Center V3.1
New in version 3.1

  • the application generates no button in the taskbar, but only an icon in the system area of the taskbar
  • if you minimize the applications window, the preview window stays on the desktop ( if it is enabled ) so you have only the preview window on your desktop.

WebCam-Control-Center V3.0
New in version 3.0

  • the main window has a new look and feel
  • supports several video devices
  • can show only the preview window in the middle of the screen with a black background
  • can make the preview window the topmost window above all other windows

WebCam-Control-Center V2.0
New in version 2.0

  • automatic connection to the Internet ( dialup/hangup )
  • connection to an FTP server
  • directory change and file upload to the server
  • periodic and direct uploads

WebCam-Control-Center V1.1
New in version 1.1

  • take a picture from the video device
  • view the picture in a picture window
  • record AVI videos
  • motion detector, with a lot of settings

WebCam-Control-Center V1.0
First version 1.0

  • adjust the video device over the driver-specific dialog boxes
  • adjust the frames per second setting of the video device
  • show/hide a preview video window from the video device
  • run/halt the preview video

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