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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Q. - I can't receive a picture from my netcam (IP-cam). Which address should I insert? (CamUniversal, CamSurveillance, WebCam-Control-Center)
A. - You have to insert the URL which points direct to the camera picture not only to the camera webserver.
Insert instead of only for your netcam and by example instead of for a netcam from the Internet.

If you own an AXIS NetCam you can find information about the picture URL here.

Q. - My webcam captures no pictures while running with a hidden video window? (WebCam-Control-Center)
A.- Please select an uncompressed video format like RGB 16/24/32, where RGB 24 is the best. Then picture capturing is possible if the video window is hidden or behind a screensaver. If your video device driver doesn't support a RGB video format, your camera can't capture pictures with a hidden video window.



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