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Version 1.5 for Windows ™ (98/NT/ME/2000/XP)
Release 13. July 2004


CamUniversal Manual
Part 8: Development History




CamUniversal Version 1.5
Date: 13.07.2004

- all sended/uploaded files are moveable in a separate directory after email sending or FTP upload
- the capture dialog tests after codec changing if recording is possible
- bugfix: stopping of a not running sound (from motion-detector actions)

CamUniversal Version 1.4
Date: 21.06.2004

- bugfix: remove video codecs which don't own a valid namestring

CamUniversal Version 1.3
Date: 07.06.2004

- several WebCams with the same name are possible
- internal DirectShow improvements
- bugfix: ftp, email dialog possible errors

CamUniversal Version 1.2
Date: 20.05.2004

- network cameras which needs an authentication are supported
- bugfix: the wait for start value (motion-detector) was resetted sometimes

CamUniversal Version 1.1
Date: 16.05.2004

- XP Style for all visual components (only on Windows XP)

CamUniversal Version 1.0
Date: 01.05.2004
- first release




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