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CamSurveillance Security Application

Version 1.6 for Windows ™ (95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP)
Release 12 August 2003

CamSurveillance Manual
Part 3: Program Settings


initial show caption for a new video window - if you add a new camera, the video window could initial have a caption or not ( you can always show or hide the caption if you left click into the video window )
show all video windows as topmost windows - all displayed video windows becomes a topmost window or not

show application button in the taskbar - shows or hides the CamSurveillance application window in the taskbar
show application icon in the systray - shows or hides the CamSurveillance icon in the systray
show main window minimized at startup - minimizes the main window at startup

generate protocol files to protocol FTP and Email operations
- if you have selected FTP transfer or Email sending at motion detection, you can select if protocol files should be created. While the FTP transfer the file FTP_PROTOCOL.TXT and while the Email sending the file EMAIL_PROTOCOL.TXT are created. Select this option for the first time you use FTP and Email to see if there are problems. If everything works all right you should disable this option.


Combine Video Windows

While the combination is active, all video windows are positioned beginning from the upper left desktop corner. The previous size and position is saved and restored if you release the combination. You can use F5 to combine the windows and F6 to release them.

x windows should appear per row - how many video windows do you want per row if they are combined
all windows get the size from the first window - if the windows are combined, the size from the first video window is used for all other windows while combinated
all windows get the user size - if the windows are combined all windows get the selected user size while combinated
the windows should fill the screen - the windows are resized in such a way, that they fill the screen while combinated ( so you have a video monitor from a doorman )
combined windows have a caption - while the windows are combined, they could have a caption to see the camera name or not

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