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Version 1.2 for Windows ™ (95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP)
Release 05. September 2004


Connect your Video Device ( WebCam, Capture Card, etc. ) to one PC and see the Video on ALL PC's within your Network or over the Internet.

The CamLAN Server application sends the video from the actual connected Video Device to all connected CamLAN Clients. The Server and Clients must exist within the same LAN or they can communicate over the Internet.

CamLAN - Watch your Webcam Video on all PC's within your Network !

CamLAN Server

Start the Server on the PC to which you have connected your Video Device. The Server sends the video to all connected clients. You can select the interval for sending, the picture size and the picture quality, depending on the performance of your system.

CamLAN Client

Start the Client on all PC's on which you want to see the video from the Video Device which is connected to the Server.

Video Window

The Video Window can appear always on top of your desktop, in the original size of the Video Device source, a selectable user size or fullscreen.

Video Device

Connect to the Server PC your desired Video Device. This could be a WebCam, a Capture Card, a TV Tuner etc.
You need a valid Windows driver for your Video Device and the driver must be able to capture an uncompressed frame.
You have to select a RGB video format, where RGB 24 Bit is the best.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT 4.x/Me/2000/XP
Pentium III
or similar CPU for short capture and sending intervals
Video Device
with an actual driver for Windows
Internet or LAN access
to send and receive the video stream
16 MB of RAM
1 MB free disk space


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